Weekly Seminar List - This Week

This list is derived from seminar announcements from multiple sources. Please refer to hosting department to verify information. If you know of additional seminars that should be posted, please send an email.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

12:00 PM OutSmart Flu: Smart Phone-based Influenza-like Illness Surveillance at UW-Madison; Speaker:  Ajay K. Sethi, PhD, MHS, Associate Professor, Population Health Sciences. Population Health Sciences Seminar, 1325 HSLC.

12:00 PM An in Vivo Systems Biology Approach to Understanding and Treating Tuberculosis; Speaker: Jennifer Linderman, PhD, Professor, Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan. Biomedical Engineering Seminar, Tong Auditorium (Rm 1003) Engineering Centers Building.

12:00 PM Updates from the USPTO: The Latest in Applying for Patents, the Patent Reform Act and Career Opportunities; Keynote Speaker: Katherine Mitchell, supervisory patent examiner, USPTO. WARF Essential Topics Series, H.F. DeLuca Forum at the Discovery Building. Register for this event by 5 p.m. on Friday, April 17 (https://warf.wufoo.com/forms/warf-essential-topics-series-42015/)

12:00 PM Identifying Biological Regulators that Guide the Formation of HSCs from Hemogenic Endothelium; Speaker: Walatta Mesquitta (Slukvin lab) Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Seminar, 1345 HSLC.

3:30 PM The Role of PI3K in HPV-Associated Cancers; Speaker: Myeong-Kyun Shin, PhD (Lambert lab).  Assessing Chemical Exposures Through the Responsome; Speaker: Jeremiah Yee (Bradfield lab). Cancer Biology Student/Postdoc Seminar, 6571 McArdle (WIMR II).

3:30 PM Catching a Few Good WNKs – Multipurpose Protein Kinases; Speaker: Melanie Cobb, UT Southwestern. Biochemistry Colloquium, 1211 Biochemical Sciences.

4:00 PM Characterization of Carotid Plaque Vulnerability using Quantitative Ultrasound and Strain Imaging; Speaker: Xiao Wang (Varghese lab). Medical Physics Seminar, 1335 HSLC.

4:00 PM Cerebral Ischemia Prevention and Stroke Risk; Student Presenter: Aditya Rayasam (Fabry lab). Ischemic Stroke-Injury Repair Mechanisms; Leaders: Robert Dempsey & Uma Wesley. NTP Seminar, Genetics/Biotech Center Auditorium. *Please Note Location Change*

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

10:00 AM Managing Risks in UW-Madison Research Agreements; Instructor: Richard Gibbs, Director, Risk ManagementVice Chancellor for Research and Education Seminar – Intellectual Property, 1360 Genetics/Biotech Center.  Sign up at http://www.ohrd.wisc.edu/reg/catalog_series.aspx?serieskey=348

10:00 AM PTEN in Vitro and in Silico:  Implications in Cancer and Autism; Speaker: Sean Johnston (Raines lab).  IPiB Ph.D. Thesis Review, 1211 Biochemical Sciences.

12:00 PM Fabrication of Tissue Engineering Scaffolds and Devices; Speaker: Lih-Sheng (Tom) Turng, Research Theme Leader, WID; Co-Director, Polymer Engineering Center. Campus Stem Cell Lab Meeting, DeLuca Forum, 1st Floor Town Center, WID.

4:00 PM Quantitative Omics Strategies for Investigating the Oral Microbiome in Dental and Systemic Diseases; Speaker:  Anna Merrill, PhD, (Coon lab). CIBM Seminar, 1360 Genetics/Biotechnology Center.

6:30 PM RNA Control During the Maternal to Zygotic Transition; Speaker: Antonio Giraldez, Yale University. RNA MaxiGroup, 1360 Genetics/Biotechnology Center.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

8:00 AM Insights From Zebrafish Into Embryonic Development and Cancer; Speaker: Lila Solnica-Krezel, PhD, Developmental Biology, Washington University. UWCCC Grand Rounds, G5/119 CSC.

11:00 AM Orchestration of Gastrulation Cell Behaviors that Elongate Embryonic Body in Zebrafish; Speaker: Lila Solnica-Krezel, PhD, Professor, Developmental Biology, Washington University. Cancer Biology Seminar, 1345 HSLC.

11:00 AM A Semi-Synthetic Organism with an Expanded Genetic Alphabet; Speaker: Floyd Romesberg, Professor. MMI Seminar, Ebling Symposium Center, MSB.

12:00 PM Pathogenesis and Treatment of Demyelination Related to Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress; Speaker: Lawrence Wrabetz, MD, Professor, Neurology and Biochemistry, University at Buffalo. Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Seminar, G5/113 CSC.

12:00 PM Animal Agriculture will Increasingly Depend on Biotechnology to Prevent Global Grain Shortages – The Latest from Animal Science; Speaker: Dr. Mark Cook. Department of Pathobiological Sciences School of Veterinary Medicine Seminar, 2255 SVM.

12:00 PM Single Molecule Fluorescent Cyclic Nucleotide Binding to HCN2 in Zero-mode Wavelengths; Speaker: Marcel Goldschen (Chanda lab). Structural Elements that Underlie Doc2 Function during Asynchronous Synaptic Transmission; Speaker: Renhao Xue (Chapman lab). Neuroscience Seminar, 5571 WIMR II.

1:00 PM West Nile Virus: Take a Bite Out of It; Speaker: Kristen Bernard, Associate Professor, Pathobiological Sciences, UW-Madison. SysBioM Seminar, ERC Lobby, 1st Floor West Side, Discovery Building.

3:30 PM Graph Theoretical Analysis of Magnetic Resonance Diffusion Tensor Images in Children with Early-Onset Epilepsy; Speaker: Rob Shirey, Biochemistry. BTP Seminar, 1420 MSB.

3:30 PM The Beginning of Life: or How the Embryo Initiates Development; Speaker: Antonio Giraldez, Professor, Genetics, Yale University. Genetics Colloquium, Genetics/Biotech Center Auditorium.

4:00 PM Business Plans: Dead or Alive?; Keynote: Peter N. Townshend, Perkins Coie LLP; Panel: Joe Kirgues, gener8tor, Eric Steege, American Family Insurance, Michelle Somes-Booher, Small Business Development Center, Suman Banerjee, UW Computer Sciences; Moderator: Terry Grosenheider, The Private Client Reserve of U.S. Bank N.A. Entrepreneurons supported by WARF, H. F. DeLuca Forum, Discovery Bldg.  Register for this free event by 5 p.m. on Monday, April 20 (https://warf.wufoo.com/forms/entrepreneurons-wednesday-april-22-2015/)

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

11:00 AM Heterogeneity in Response to Pre- and Post-Natal Nutrition Interventions in Low-Income Countries: Evidence from Randomized Controlled Trials Using Lipid-Based Nutrient Supplements for Mothers and Infants in Africa and South Asia; Speaker: Dr. Kathryn Dewey, Nutrition, University of California, Davis. Nutritional Sciences Seminar, 290 Nutritional Sciences.

12:00 PM Genetic Architecture of Parallel Evolution of Dark Pigmentation in High-Altitude Populations of Drosophila melanogaster; Speaker: Heloise Bastide, Genetics, UW-Madison. Evolution Seminar, 1360 Genetics/Biotech Center.

12:10 PM Diversity, Group Selection and Mechanisms of RNA Virus Adaptation; Speaker: Dr. Raul Andino, University of California, San Francisco. Molecular Virology Seminar, 1211 Biochemical Sciences.

3:30 PM The Response of Microbial Composition & its Functioning to Environmental Change; Speaker: Dr. Jennifer Martiny, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of California, Irvine. Distinguished Lectures in Microbiology, Ebling Symposium Center, MSB.

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Friday, April 24, 2015

10:30 AM African Buffalo as Reservoirs for Infectious Respiratory Pathogens in Kruger National Park, South Africa; Speaker: Chase McNulty (Bernard lab) Pathobiological Sciences. Comparative Biomedical Sciences Student Seminar, 2007 SVM.

12:00 PM Modeling the Function and Evolution of Regulatory Sequences in Drosophila; Speaker: Saurabh Sinha, PhD, Associate Professor, Computer Science & Institute of Genomic Biology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Biostatistics and Medical Informatics Seminar, Genetics/Biotech Center Auditorium.

12:00 PM Rational Design of Boronic Acid Inhibitors of HIV-1 Protease; Speaker: Ian Windsor (Raines lab). IPiB Seminar, Khorana Auditorium, Biochemistry Laboratories.

12:00 PM Nudging or Nannying? The Role of Institutions in Shaping Healthy Food and Beverage Choices; Robert Golden, MD, Dean, Patrick Remington, MD, MPH, Associate Dean for Public Health, Paul Kelleher, PhD, Assistant Professor, Medical History and Bioethics, Amy L. Mihm, MS, RD, LAT, UW Hospital and Clinics; Moderator: Cherie Wolter, MPH Candidate 2015. SMPH Panel Discussion, 1345 HSLC.

3:30 PM Noncanonical Autophagy and Phagocytosis: Two Ancient Pathways Converge on Inflammation, Innate Immunity, and Aging; Speaker: Douglas R. Green, PhD, Chair, Immunology, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Pharmaceutical Sciences Seminar, 2006 Rennebohm Hall.