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This list is derived from seminar announcements from multiple sources. Please refer to hosting department to verify information. If you know of additional seminars that should be posted, please send an email.

Click here for this week's seminar list as a PDF suitable for printing (updated each Monday morning; additional seminars may be added throughout the week to the list below).

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Monday, November 23, 2015

12:00 PM Post-Treatment Surveillance in Breast Cancer: Bringing Cancer Care Delivery to the Alliance; Speaker: Caprice Greenberg, MD, MPH, Professor, Surgery; Director, Wisconsin Surgical Outcomes Research Program, UWSMPH. Population Health Sciences Seminar, 1325 HSLC.

12:00 PM Monolayer Elasticity in Collective Cell Migration; Speaker: Jacob Notbohm, PhD, Assistant Professor, Engineering Physics, UW-Madison. Biomedical Engineering Seminar, Tong Auditorium, 1003 Engineering Centers Bldg.

3:30 PM Differentiation-Dependent KLF4 Expression Promotes Lytic Epstein-Barr Virus Infection in Epithelial Cells; Speaker: Dhananjay Nawandar (Kenney lab). Deciphering the Mechanism by which Methylated BAF155 Promotes Cancer Metastasis; Speaker: Eui-Jun Kim, Ph.D. (Xu lab). Cancer Biology Student/Postdoc Seminar, 6571 McArdle Lab (WIMR II).

3:30 PM Small Talk: Signalling in the Microbial World; Speaker: Julian Davies, PhD, University of British Columbia. Biochemistry Colloquium, 1211 HFD Biochemical Sciences Bldg.

4:00 PM Development and Validation of Quantitative MR Techniques for Abdominal Imaging; Speaker: Diego Hernando, PhD, Assistant Scientist, Radiology, UWSMPH. Medical Physics Seminar, 1345 HSLC.

4:00 PM Phagocytic Cells in CNS Disease: Batman or Joker?; Speaker: Bob Nichol (Gomez lab). NTP Seminar, John D. Wiley Conference Room (T216) Waisman Center.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

12:00 PM Evidence, Damned Evidence and Data: What Counts as “Acceptable” Knowledge of What Works in Regenerative Medicine?; Speaker: Linda Hogle, Professor, Medical History and Bioethics. Campus Stem Cell Lab Meeting, H. F. Deluca Forum (First Floor) Town Center WID.

12:00 PM Quantitative Biomarkers for Non-Invasive, Real Time Assessment of Tissue Structure and Function to Diagnose Disease or Trauma and Guide Therapies; Speaker: Dr. Kyle Quinn, University of Arkansas. LOCI/SPIE Seminar, Tong Auditorium, 1003 Engineering Centers Bldg.

4:00 PM Directing Colloidal and Nanoparticle Self-Assembly; Speaker: Eric M. Furst, Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering; Director, Center for Molecular & Engineering Thermodynamics, University of Delaware. Chemical and Biological Engineering Seminar, 1610 Engineering Hall.

4:00 PM Polymorphism in Recombination Rate on Different Scales in the House Mouse; Speaker: Richard Wang (Payseur lab) Genetics, UW-Madison. CIBM Seminar, 1360 Genetics/Biotech Center.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

12:00 PM Bad Breath to Cardiovascular Disease: The Oral Systemic Connection; Speaker: Reyes Lab. PBS Department/Comparative Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program Seminar, 2255 SVM.

2:00 PM Investigating How Histone H3 Mutations Drive Childhood Cancers; Speaker: Peter Lewis, Biomolecular Chemistry & Epigenetics, UW-Madison. SysBioM Lecture, 3rd Floor Orchard View Room, Discovery Bldg. (Access to the room is via the elevator behind Aldo’s Café in the Northeast corner of the building.)

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Thursday, November 26, 2015


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Friday, November 27, 2015