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This list is derived from seminar announcements from multiple sources. Please refer to hosting department to verify information. If you know of additional seminars that should be posted, please send an email.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

12:00 PM Disparities at Older Ages: How Race, Gender, and Employment Histories Differentiate Health Trajectories; Speaker: Michal Engelman, PhD, Assistant Professor, Sociology, Center for Demography and Ecology, UW-Madison. Population Health Sciences Seminar, 1345 HSLC.

12:00 PM Development of Novel Nanomedicines for Treatment of Primary and Metastatic Prostate Cancer; Speaker: Omer Aydin, Phd Candidate, Biomedical Engineering, University of Michigan. Biomedical Engineering “Midwest Graduate Student Speaker Exchange” Seminar, Tong Auditorium, 1003 Engineering Centers Bldg.

12:00 PM Deorphanizing TREM2: Is the Immune System a Friend or Foe in Alzheimer’s Disease?; Speaker: Felix Yeh, Postdoctoral Fellow, Genentech. Neuroscience Seminar, 3571 WIMR II.

12:00 PM Dissecting Cell Division Mechanisms Using Chemistry and Microscopy; Speaker: Dr. Tarun Kapoor, PhD, Professor, Selma and Lawrence Ruben Laboratory of Chemistry and Cell Biology, The Rockefeller University. Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Graduate Program Seminar, 1335 HSLC.

3:30 PM FGF5 in Prostate Cancer Progression; Speaker: Dalton McLean (Ricke lab). Cancer Biology Student/Postdoc Seminar, 6571 McArdle Lab (WIMR II).

3:30 PM Deconstructing Enzyme Activities and Metabolite Exchange in Microbiomes; Speaker: Trent Northen, PhD, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Biochemistry Colloquium, 1211 HFD Biochemical Sciences Bldg.

4:00 PM Methods for Identification and Quantification of Bone Disease Using PET/CT Images; Speaker: Timothy Perk, Research Assistant (Jeraj lab). Modular Multi-Source X-Ray Tube for Computed Tomography Applications; Speaker: Brandon Walker, Research Assistant (Chen, Mackie, and Eliceiri labs). Medical Physics Seminar, 1345 HSLC.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

12:00 PM Neuronal Tension – A New Paradigm for Understanding Memory and Learning; Speaker: M. Taher Saif, Professor, Mechanical Engineering/Graduate Programs and Research, University of Illinois. Campus Stem Cell Lab Meeting Seminar, H. F. Deluca Forum (First Floor) Town Center WID.

12:00 PM Foxm1 Transgenic BTBR Mice and the Role of Hgh in Beta Cell Proliferation; Speaker: Mieke Baan (Davis lab). Medicine: Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism. Comparative Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. Thesis Defense, 1211 MFCB.

4:00 PM Providing On-Demand Access to Online Evidence Resources Within HER Systems via “Infobuttons”; Speaker: Guilherme Del Fiol, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Utah. Biostatistics & Medical Informatics Seminar, Genetics/Biotechnology Center Auditorium.

4:00 PM Exploring the Roles of Microglia in the Healthy and Diseased Brain; Speaker: Kim Green, Assistant Professor, Neurobiology and Behavior, University of California, Irvine. Neuroscience Training Program Seminar, John D. Wiley Conference Center (T216 North Tower) Waisman Center.

4:00 PM Microchemical Systems for CO2 Reduction, Crystallization, and Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing; Speaker: Paul Kenis, Professor and Department Head, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Chemical and Biological Engineering Seminar, 1610 Engineering Hall.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

8:00 AM Wnt Pathway in Endometrial Cancer; Speaker: Michael Goodheart, MD, Assistant Professor, Gynecologic Oncology, Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Iowa. UWCCC Grand Rounds, G5/119 CSC.

11:00 AM Axons, the Front Line Sensors of Alpha Herpesvirus PNS Invasion; Speaker: Lynn Enquist, PhD, Professor, Molecular Biology, Princeton Neuroscience Institute, Princeton University. Cancer Biology Seminar, 1345 HSLC.

12:00 PM Functional Angiocoupling Between Follicles and Adjacent Corpus Luteum in Heifers; Speaker: Aziz Siddiqui (Ginther lab). PBS Department/Comparative Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program Seminar, 2255 SVM.

12:30 PM Data Science in a Material World; Speaker: Deepti Pachauri, Research Scientist, 3M. SILO Seminar, Orchard Room (3820) Discovery Bldg. (Access to the room is via the elevator behind Aldo’s Café in the Northeast corner of the building.)

3:30 PM Differentiation, De-Differentiation and Re-Differentiation of Pancreatic Beta Cells in Diabetes; Speaker: Barak Blum, Assistant Professor, Cell & Regenerative Biology, UW-Madison. Genetics Colloquium, Genetics/Biotech Center Auditorium.

4:00 PM Genetic Control of Programmed Cell Death in Animal Development and Human Disease; Speaker: H. Robert Horvitz, PhD, Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine; Professor, Biology, MIT, HHMI; Neurobiologist (Neurology), Massachusetts General Hospital. Rennebohm Lecture, 2006 Rennebohm Hall.

4:00 PM Social Entrepreneurship – Can You Do Well By Doing Good?; Keynote: Ibrahim AlHusseini, FullCycle Energy Fund; Panel: Mark Richardson, GigBlender, Amelia Baxter, Whole Trees, Neil Peters-Michaud, Cascade Asset Management, George Hofheimer, Filene Research Institute, Nathan Clarke, Mad Urban Bees; Moderator: Maurice Cheeks, MIOsoft Corporation & City of Madison. WARF Entrepreneurons Series. Register for this free event by Monday, April 25 - https://warf.wufoo.com/forms/kpppo3n0tzksvk/.

7:00 PM A CRISPR Future: The Promise and Potential Pitfalls of a Powerful New Tool for Editing Genomes; Speaker: Kate O’Connor-Giles, Assistant Professor, Genetics and Cell and Molecular Biology. Wednesday Nite @the Lab, Genetics/Biotechnology Center Auditorium.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

11:00 AM G Protein-Coupled Receptors as Targets for Improving Beta-Cell Function in Acute and Chronic Conditions of Glucose Intolerance; Speaker: Josh Neuman, Graduate Student. Nutritional Sciences Seminar, 290 Nutritional Sciences.

12:00 PM Exploring the Origin of Multicellularity Through Experimental Evolution; Speaker: Will Ratcliff, Biology, Georgie Tech. David Baum Lecture, 1360 Genetics/Biotechnology Center.

12:10 PM The Role of Microtubule Plus-End Tracking Proteins in Viral Infection; Speaker: Prof. Mojgan Naghavi, Northwestern University. Molecular Virology Seminar, 1211 Biochemical Sciences.

12:30 PM The Biomphalaria Glabrata Embryonic (Bge) Cell Line: “Surrogate” Snail Model to Study Host-Parasite Interactions; Speaker: Utibe Bickham-Wright, Cellular and Molecular Pathology Student (Yoshino lab). Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Seminar, 1345 HSLC.

1:00 PM Associations Between Metabolic Risk Factors and Indicators for Alzheimer’s Disease Pathology in a Middle Aged Cognitively Health Cohort; Speaker: Erika Starks (Bendlin lab) Medicine. Neuroscience Training Program Doctoral Defense, 3571 WIMR II.

1:00 PM-5:30 PM Transplant Ethics: Past, Present, and Future. Eighth Annual Bioethics Symposium, 1306 HSLC. For more information: http://www.med.wisc.edu/event/eighth-annual-bioethics-symposium/26544

2:00 PM Genes, Neurons, Circuits and Behavior: Aspects of C. elegans Nervous System Development and Function; Speaker: H. Robert Horvitz, PhD, Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine; Professor, Biology, MIT, HHMI; Neurobiologist (Neurology), Massachusetts General Hospital. Rennebohm Lecture, 2006 Rennebohm Hall.

3:30 PM Mechanisms of Long-Term Survival and Evolution of Bacteria; Speaker: Dr. Steven Finkel, Biological Sciences, University of Southern California. Distinguished Lectures in Microbiology, Ebling Symposium Center, MSB.

3:30 PM A Developmental Perspective on Radical Changes in Body Plan Organization; Speaker: Mark Martindale, Whitney Lab for Marine Bioscience, University of Florida. Biology Colloquium, 168 Noland Zoology Bldg.

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Friday, April 29, 2016

12:00 PM Rett Syndrome: Approaches to Therapies; Speaker: Jeffrey Neul, MD, PhD, Division Chief, Child Neurology, Professor, Neurosciences, University of California, San Diego. John D. Wiley Seminar, John D. Wiley Conference Center, Waisman Center.

3:30 PM Chalk Talk; Speaker: Nadia Kahn. MBTG Seminar, 2131 HFD Biochemistry Building.

4:00 PM Public Policy & Neuroscience: Shaping the Future of Brain Disorder Research; Speaker: Ishmael Amarreh, PhD, MPA, Health Scientist, National Institute of Mental Health. Neuroscience & Public Policy Program, Genetics/Biotechnology Center Auditorium.